This tutorial video shows how to add a club, and if you need help hit us up on Facebook or email us. Remember you can always just use the suggestion box!

If you've got a Facebook page, group or event, paste its URL into "Import Details from Social" to see what kind of head start that gives you! A couple caveats:

  • It's not perfect: Sometimes it'll import an odd description, but it should be a good start and you can copy and paste whatever you want to add or change.
  • Set your location: Lots of pages/groups don't have one, so you'll need to do that. Just start typing the city or street address you want in the address field and our form will offer options, getting more specific as you type.
  • Paste your Facebook URL into the Facebook field down below! It's smart enough to slurp everything using the URL you paste into the first field, but doesn't think to repeat that URL in the club or event's actual listing.

Cornhole Finder APP for IOS and Android